International Meeting

What are the goals of the meeting?

  • To get to know one another, and to share experiences and strategies.
  • To ratify the basis of the Bloc or founding manifesto
  • To constitute the Bloc, to decide how it works and to dissolve the promoting group.

When will it happen?

The meeting does not have a definite date set. We propose to make it happen when there is interest in participating from a broad range of collectives from different places. It will come together with at least three months notice.

What’s before the meeting?

From now until the meeting happens we propose the realisation of a collective process of definition and preparation of it, such as a founding manifesto of the Bloc, and its organisational aspects.

Right now we are motivated to ask you to distribute this call and spread the word in your local area. We also urge you to start the creation of this common space at a regional level.

How can we participate in the process?

If you want to collaborate in the establishment of the Bloc for the Integral Revolution, we propose these two ways:

  • If you want to participate in the promotion group, or collaborate with us on a task, fill in this form for interested individuals.
  • If you are a collective and you would like to participate in the process or in the meeting, fill in this form for collectives.

How could the meeting be like?

We propose a meeting of four days with the following structure:

  • A day of introductions and getting to know us.
  • Two days in working groups to share strategies and experiences and to make contributions to the manifesto and proposals about the Bloc’s organizational aspects.
  • One days of conclusions and closing comments.

Where could it be done?

We propose to do the meeting in Catalonia, in a place that is easy to reach and that provides affordable accommodation for all participants.

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